Join the Scottish Socialist Party

We are determined to make Scotland a socially just place for all.

In 17 years, we have always pursued an independent socialist Scotland - a modern democratic republic.

Becoming a member is quick, easy and simple. By joining the SSP, you will be affirming your commitment to improving society – to advancing the goals of socialism, to putting people before profit, and helping to shape and improve Scotland's socialist party.

While we have no wish to prescribe any member's level of involvement, membership can be active: attending branch meetings, establishing and maintaining branches and fundraising. We also regularly participate in direct engagement with voters - plenty of public meetings, street stalls and canvassing. Furthermore, activists give a good deal of their time to their fellow members to develop one another’s talents and political skill. However, not everyone can commit to this and even a small financial contribution from membership goes a long way to building a party that is not and will not be funded by big business.

We are growing rapidly post-referendum, in a newly enriched and politicised country. We have received over two and a half thousand membership applications since the 18th September - tripling our number of branches as the membership swells. We're over the moon at your passion at letting us know you want to change the world for the better; for people, not profit.

Membership Subscription Payment

There are three basic choices for what subs should be.

  • £5 a month - for those who are unwaged.
  • £10 a month - for people on low pay.
  • £15 a month - for people who are not low-paid

We recognise that our membership subs ask you to dig deeply. The Scottish Socialist Party is funded entirely by its members and sales of our party merchandise.

In times of hardship, your branch secretary can easily suspend or severely curtail the amount paid. The last thing a party arguing the case of the working poor and the voiceless should do is pose a deep financial burden.

If you do not have a card, or cannot pay the minimum one month membership subscription right now, don't worry. You can apply to join the party regardless - and we'll send you out a welcome pack with a full standing order mandate that you can send back or hand in at your local branch.

Please complete the registration form below - all membership subscriptions are sent securely via Stripe.

Your Details and Payment

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